Apply for our personal, in-studio apprenticeship program.  We'll cover all you need to know plus gain a systematic approach to training clients and being a successful trainer.


Spending time in the private setting of the AFP Training Studio allows you to see noticeable differences compared to training that takes place in a large club setting.  Observation of both personal training and small group clients will quickly yield understanding of why the studio setting has become so popular, as well as curiosity as to how you can create the same productive & enjoyable atmosphere for your clients.   


Once familiar with the AFP Studio experience, it is time to discover the diversity of clients that benefit from studio training.  At any given time, AFP clients include those looking to lose weight, prevent injury, and improve balance & overall quality of life.  Powerlifting, military qualification, and sports performance are among the more specific goal sets that many clients work towards.  Matching your apprenticeship hours with clients that you find most interesting will result in hands on practice that is unattainable in a merely academic setting. 


After you have spent time observing clients and discovering the diversity offered by studio training, it’s time to become comfortable with exercise progressions and overall workout design.  Working alongside the experienced AFP trainers to see how they choose proper exercise progression, you will design your own version of the workouts and even have a chance to lead some clients for the highest level of ‘on the job training' possible!  


Upon completion of your 3 phases of apprenticeship, you will be in a great position to implement what you’ve learned.  If you plan to return to an existing job within the fitness industry, your newly improved training skills will certainly have you well prepared.  If an existing job no longer suits you, or you have become attracted to the private studio setting, the completion of your apprenticeship will put you at the front of the line for consideration as an AFP Personal Trainer.  The studio is always looking for dedicated professionals, and that could mean you! 

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