Personal Training

Personal Training is fundamentally based on individualized planning designed to help clients meet and exceed their own unique health & fitness goals.  Personal Training is the reason the AFP Training Studio was created, and still the foundation of every program we offer.


We know that work, travel, family commitments, and much more are a part of life for everyone. Our style of training is perfectly suited to seamlessly work around any number of schedule conflicts to ensure that the progress of each client toward a healthy & balanced lifestyle remains uninterrupted.

Personal Training

Personal training is our specialty.  We create custom workouts designed specifically with your goals, exercise history, and any limiting factors in mind.  If you've ever wanted a plan that works, because it's made for you, then get ready for your life to change!

Partner Training

Accountability is one of the best things for helping you stay consistent.  We tend to think of this training type as our "double-threat" to success.  Your trainer + your workout buddy.  So if you've got a friend, co-worker, significant other that you'd like to share your workout space with and get a little extra motivation from, this one's for you!  

Online Training

Although we tend to think personal training can be for everyone, we've got an option for you if that's just not possible.  Workout from the comfort of your home, hotel room, or whatever place you feel most comfortable.  Tell us what equipment you've got access to, what your goals are, and we will design the best possible plan for YOU!



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