How To Make An Exercise Routine

Starting an exercise regimen is hard. It takes time, it takes repetition, and it takes energy. But did you know that creating an exercise routine is more than just willpower or internal motivation? We’ve got some good news for you, the key is creating small habits.

1. Start small. Don’t try for an intense 60-minute workout session on day one, try something small. Does 10 minutes sound do-able? Then go for it! Are 20 minutes more like it? Start with small exercise sessions and do that for a week. Then add 5-10 minutes the next week, and so on.

2. Create the space. If you’re working out at home, make some space and have your equipment laid out. Even if it’s just an exercise mat. Have it out and ready to go. Set out your workout clothes too. That’s one simple step that can save those pesky little excuses in your head (don’t worry, we get them too!).

3. Accountability. Tell a spouse or a friend that you’re starting to workout and ask them to check in with you after your first session to see how it went. Or, schedule a session with a trainer and pre-pay for your sessions. That usually cuts out every last excuse from our clients because they know we're waiting for them!

These simple 3 steps are a great start to creating a sustainable and consistent workout program. Interested in learning more about a training program? Send us a message and we’ll get your training program goin

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