Did you know that your body is about 60% water … and that your blood is 90% water?

And yet very few of us (maybe only 20 percent!) actually drink 8 or more cups of refreshing, rejuvenating water every day!

Here’s why it’s so important:

💦 It keeps your joints lubricated, helping avoid joint pain.

💦 It helps with digestion, starting with the moment you eat something.

💦 It helps your body move oxygen and fuel – and break down and deliver vitamins and minerals – so they can be used where they are needed.

💦 It keeps your skin glowing and looking radiant.

💦 It cushions your brain and protects your nervous system.

💦 It regulates your body temperature (super important when you work out or are in hot weather!).

💦 It helps maintain healthy blood pressure.

💦 It makes breathing easier (especially important if you have allergies!)

💦 It helps keep your kidneys healthy.

💦 It helps you work out harder/longer.

There are numerous opinions out there about how much water we need to drink each day – because we’re all different, with different needs based on our size, body composition, activity level, how sweaty we get, and more! That being said, for most average people under normal conditions, drinking about 2 L (8 cups) of water per day along with water intake from food is enough.


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