To Diet, or Not to Diet...

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

NOT to diet. Yes, you read that correctly - don't diet!

It's no big secret, but we hate diets! That's because 95% of diets fail. But why then, does it seem like diets at least initially work? Well, one factor could be by the elimination of unhealthy foods or habits on any given diet. Think about it, you start with Diet X and it requires that you give up something that is your go-to unhealthy food item. Let's use soda as an example. So you give that up. You of course also make a lot of other changes, sometimes seemingly random changes! And when you make your 6 week or 12 week check in, you've found you have lost some weight! So Diet X obviously works! Or, could it have been that nasty habit you finally gave up for a short period of time actually helped cut back on a lot of unneeded calories throughout your day? But, what happens more often than not, once the diet is over, the unhealthy food or habit gets added back in. Slowly but surely!

Here's another example: you eat healthy and always strive to have something healthy at every meal. What if those healthy meal choices were about 200 calories over what you needed or expended. Thats roughly 20 pounds of weight gain in a year.

Good nutrition is outcome based, and that's exactly what we're here to help you do! Every body is different. And every body requires unique steps to create a successful wellness plan. Achieving weight loss wellness is dependent on positive results, both on paper and in everyday life. We can help you understand these results and how they help lead to your desired outcome. We're dedicated to helping you feel the most vibrant, healthy, and fit as possible in your own, individual body!

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